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During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, I'm offering online counselling, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural coaching using a secure video platform. Please call me on 07949 685885 for a brief chat, or email me so we can assess your needs together.

What is counselling?

If you're worried about something, talking to friends can help - but sometimes that's not enough. Close friends and family are often too involved in our lives to provide objective help. Counselling and psychotherapy give you the chance to discuss issues face-to-face with an empathic and qualified professional.

I'll work with you to explore whatever is troubling you. I won't impose my opinion on you, but I'll use my knowledge, skills and experience to try and get to the heart of the problem, and support you to find a way forward.

Could counselling and psychotherapy help you?

You may be in a crisis of some sort - suffering a bereavement, the break-up of a close relationship, or a serious illness, for example. Or you may realise that life is not all it could be, and you're tired of carrying around feelings of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or sadness. Maybe you're suffering from stress and want to learn to relax more. Or maybe you want to make more of your talents, strengths and skills. Perhaps you simply feel a lack of fulfilment in your life.

Whatever your situation, talking to someone can make a real difference. I'll reflect back to you what I see, and prompt you to think about yourself in new ways. My aim is to help you to grow in self-awareness, which is a crucial step towards making changes in life and moving on. I'll also encourage you find the internal resources you need to manage the complex, challenging feelings and beliefs that may sabotage your attempts at change.

Uncovering your hidden potential

Some of us deny the existence of our more desirable qualities - our capacity for love, altruism, achievement, joy, or an appreciation of beauty, for instance. Does this apply to you? Do you feel that you're out of touch with what you have to offer life? Hidden aspects of the personality can emerge, paradoxically, in times of crisis. However negative you may feel, bear in mind the hidden potential that may be struggling to emerge.

Looking for meaning

Many people today are looking not just for solutions to their problems, but for meaning as well. I won't impose any view of what life is all about, but I can help you discover what life means to you. And meaning - or discovering a purpose - is often what helps to make more sense of crisis and pain.

Of course, sometimes the pain is too deep for it to make any sense at all. Even then, talking can bring relief - the session becomes a safe haven where troubles can be shared with someone who listens and accepts, without judgement.

The courage to change

Strange as it may sound, taking positive steps forward can be unsettling. If you hold unhelpful beliefs about yourself or your life, letting go of them and allowing a different reality to emerge is often a challenge. I can support you through the process and help you find the courage to change.

Looking for counselling in Bristol, or online counselling?

Please email me, or call 07949 685885.

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